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Raleigh Birth Photography | Cesarean Birth | UNC Women’s Hospital

Let me just start this blog by saying “I LOVE BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY!” To be able to capture the birth of a unique, beautiful, new little person coming into this world is an amazing honor.  When the door opened for me to capture Kristen’s Cesarean Birth, I jumped through the door!  I love everything that has to do with babies and when Kristen and I talked about documenting Liam’s “family-centered” cesarean birth or gentle cesarean birth, I was so excited.  I asked Kristen to share about her experience and she put it so beautifully that I can’t wait to share it with you!  For me, it truly was a beautiful experience and I felt so privileged to be able to document it at UNC Women’s Hospital.

I hope Kristen’s experience encourages anyone reading this that a cesarean-section can be just as beautiful as a vaginal birth.

((Big HUGS!)) Tonya

“In my plans for a natural birth, I never imagined scheduling a cesarean-section, but when our gorgeous boy opted to sit breech, we decided it was the safest way to deliver him.  Surgical births don’t have to feel impersonal or cold, and we partnered with the amazing staff at UNC Women’s Hospital to plan the most beautiful, family-centered cesarean section I could imagine.  With a clear drape, nearly immediate skin-to-skin, my choice of music playing, and a lavender-soaked cloth tucked under my chin, I felt supported and empowered.  Liam stayed skin-to-skin with myself or John the entire time.
Lastly, the surgeons gave me the greatest privilege- allowing Tonya to be in the operating room to document Liam’s journey into the world.  Tonya was exquisite- she shared in the excitement of the atmosphere and quietly captured the moments that defined the sacred metamorphosis of our family.  Her photographs are stunning and priceless.  Tonya carries a presence of gratitude and joyful expectation and fully respected our family and the hospital staff.  We are SO happy that she was there to share and capture the best day of our lives.”

Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_9897 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_9928 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_9953 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_9954 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_9899-Edit Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_9966 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0013 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0017 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0043 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0060 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0027 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0045IMG_0074-Edit Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0163 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0195 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0261 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0253 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0245 Raleigh-Birth-Photography-Tonya-Hurter-copyright IMG_0260IMG_0128

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