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Newborn Photography | Raleigh NC | Brothers

Meet Luca & Ezra!  Two of the cutest boys ever!

Many of my newborn clients that come in with siblings who are toddlers and preschoolers are nervous (understandably) because of the unpredictability of that age group.  It can get a little crazy and lots of funny and sometimes it just takes some magic to get that right shot.  🙂

I wanted to share the process so that for the nervous mamas…don’t worry, we will do our best and go with your baby’s and toddler’s flow!

Here is a little timeline of how we got to that perfect shot!

This is how we started….

Tonya-Hurter-Photography-copyright IMG_0125-Edit

Luca is thinking “I really need my paci!”

Tonya-Hurter-Photography-copyright IMG_0129-Edit

Luca “No, seriously I really NEED my paci!”

Ezra  “It’s ok, bud, I totally empathize with you.”

Tonya-Hurter-Photography-copyright IMG_0132-Edit

“But I gotta get one last smile in for the camera”

Me “Good job, Ezra is all done! Give Luca his paci and don’t move him!”

Tonya-Hurter-Photography-copyright IMG_0135-Edit

*Waits for him to be peaceful and sleepy*

“Please take the paci out annnnd *click, click, click* we got it!”

Tonya-Hurter-Photography-copyright IMG_0141-Edit

*Cue the Photoshop magic and we have a peaceful (tiny bit grumpy still but super adorable) Luca and big brother, Ezra!Tonya-Hurter-Photography-copyright IMG_0125-Edit-2

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