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Durham Birth Photographer | Hospital Birth | Kayleigh

I met Shana through some wonderful clients of mine!  They all work at the same hospital and I absolutely love, love, love when I get to capture friends and their families. 🙂

Shana had a beautiful birth and I was so honored to capture it.  Sweet Kayleigh was snuggled up in Mama’s belly and came quite a bit later than everyone expected but once Shana was at the hospital and induced, Kayleigh was like “Super Baby” and decided she was going to greet everyone as fast as she could.  Shana worked through the labor like she was “Super Mama” and watching the whole process was beautiful. Kayleigh was gloriously beautiful, with the prettiest pink skin and I loved watching her family meet her.

I really loved watching her “Super Brother” meet and greet baby sister with his Daddy.  He was a hoot and absolutely convinced that Kayleigh was only Mama’s baby and fell in love immediately.   I’m pretty convinced the whole family is “Super” 🙂

I asked Shana to share a bit about working with me and I was so touched by her kind words….

“Working with Tonya was such a great experience! She listened to what my hopes for the session was and completely exceeded them in every way possible! She was easy to talk to while we patiently awaited Kayleigh’s birth but stealthy when it came to the delivery! These pictures tell our story without even using words… It’s the most beautiful gift I could have received! She is the absolute best and would recommend her to anyone!

Thank you, Tonya, for your kind heart and hard work!!!”
Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0857Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0861Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0873Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0874Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0880Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0904Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0911Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0946Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0948Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0950Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0955Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0963Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0964Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0966Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0970Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0974Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0992Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_0998Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1026Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1030-2Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1030Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1034Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1038Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1039Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1051Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1075Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1090Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1124Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1125Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1142Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1162Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1165Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1167Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1210Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1224Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1247Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1299Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1305Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1313Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1319Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1363Raleigh-Birth-Photographer-Tonya-Hurter IMG_1374

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