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Sydney, Raleigh NC, Dance Photographer

Meet Sydney Dolan, 15 years old and one of the most stunning, talented dancers you will ever meet!  Sydney’s parents booked her a portrait session for her 15th birthday and we had an amazing time at this gorgeous location that I love going to.  It’s a little out of the way but it’s beautiful no matter what time of year it is and it was perfect for Sydney.  She’s so creative and made capturing her an absolute joy.  Sydney trains at Campaneria Ballet School  and is also a “Gaynor Girl” and loves her Gaynor Minden pointe shoes.  She will tell you that it’s all she wears.

I can’t wait to see where Sydney takes her passion and talent for dancing. One day she will be a name in the dance world that everyone who loves dance knows!

I love photographing dancers and could do it all day long if I could…so bring me your dancers!

The gorgeous flower crowns were provided by Flowers & Flour with Lindsay McMillan *my favorite florist ever.

Check out her full session here!

Sydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8268-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8563-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8835-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8395-Edit-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8275-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8384-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8776-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8499-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8308-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8574-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8793-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8373-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8772-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8734-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8892-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8728-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8702-EditSydney LOW RES Social MediaIMG_8939-Edit-2



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